Trans-Pecos Trip, 9/12-15

Ya'll know I will jump at any excuse to head back to Marfa. Thankfully, the Trans-Pecos Music Festival is happening next weekend, which means we're heading back West! I'm excited to be teaching a leather tooling workshop on Friday, September 13th at El Cosmico--snag your tickets right here before you go, as spots are limited.

We'll also be set up from Thursday-Saturday as a festival vendor, so you can shop to your heart's content for that perfect memento from the trip. Pick up some hair clips you've been eyeing, or that leather catch all tray for the bedside table. You'll also get to shop the work of KKDW, woodworker extraordinaire Kelly DeWitt.

Randall Poster

randall poster by Lyle Owerko photo by Lyle Owerke

Randall Poster is a music supervisor for films that have shaped me as a person. Best known for his work with Wes Anderson, he's also been behind films like Kids, Boys Don't Cry, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I'm Not There, and TV shows Lost and Boardwalk Empire.

Recently I discovered some great interviews with Randall where he discusses his work and the collaborative process. Check out a recent interview with Terri Gross on Fresh Air below

You can read an interview on Pitchfork with Randall Poster here.

Grateful for...

sky by Natalie Davis Breath-taking views and a break from the city,

willie by Natalie Davis

seeing Willie Nelson perform for the first time ever, especially because it was with my mom,

food by Natalie Davis

and a weekend of epic meals fresh from the garden. On the drive down to the Lake I listened to Ray Wylie Hubbard sing,

"the days I keep my gratitude above my expectations, those are the good days."

That's my new mantra, possibly to be carved in leather soon and hung above the front door.

To cure what ails...

We wanted to highlight someone we thoroughly enjoy, the musician behind Shakey Graves, Alejandro Rose-Garcia. If you watched our Tool & Tack pop-up shop then you’ve already heard a little bit of his music. He’s one of our own from Austin, Texas and a great example of a southern gentleman.

On the outside, a straw hat, leather cowboy boots, suspenders attached to slacks. But on the inside is a talented individual who surely makes us tap our toes to his folk album Roll the Bones. Check him out, we’re sure you’ll agree.