Conversations about Design

Recently I sat down with Clementine Daily to chat about design, life, and my role as an assistant professor. In addition to Canoe, I also teach communication design at Texas State University.

Erin Anacker and I had a great conversation on her podcast "Behind the Fold" about teaching and typography. You can listen to that interview here. It's probably the most in-depth interview I've ever given and we had a lot of fun talking about winding career paths and doing what you love.

Girls Guild

the Girls Guild Girls Guild is a new organization here in Austin created by Cheyenne Weaver and Diana Griffin. Their goal is to teach women, both teens and adults, skills that expand their creative networks and build self-esteem. Teaming up with local artists and designers, they are holding some amazing workshops to get started and just had their first pilot session last weekend with jewelry designer Anna Gieselman.

Do you know a teen girl, ages 12-19, who would enjoy taking a class with a working artist? If so, please pass along their website. I wish I had something like this when I was in high school and am really excited to be working with Girls Guild. If you're an artist interested in teaching a workshop, you can get in touch with them here.