Austin Kinfolk Dinner

Kinfolk Dinner — Brooklyn, New York from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

You guys have heard me gush over Kinfolk magazine for a while, so no need to hold back my excitement about being part of their Austin Dinner event happening on Saturday, 3/31. We will have our Canoe knives and wood burned salt cellars on the table, and are so glad to see a great mix of Austin makers and artisans there as well. Many thanks to Julie and Nathan for bringing us on board.

Canoe wood burned knives, no. 6, available here.

Miss Natalie wood burned salt cellar, available here.

Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk Volume Two from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

We're counting down until the release of issue 2 of Kinfolk magazine, one of our favorite new rags about gathering together with family and friends. These folks are doing it right, taking a clear concept and bringing together talented folks to execute it flawlessly. Their list of contributors is quite impressive (favs include Michael Mueller and Jen Causey), and issue 2 features some Austin friends we are excited to see on paper.