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Looking to jumpstart your creative career? 

Few things make Natalie as happy as helping others realize their creative potential. Her advice will help you assess your skills, group varied interests, and put together an actionable plan to achieve your career goals. If you’ve been floating through a day job that leaves you uninspired, or feeling lost in your creative projects, she can provide much needed perspective and straight talk. Natalie has taught undergraduate design students in Austin and San Francisco for 7 years, mentoring and fostering both professional and personal growth in her students. Her critiques, feedback, and resources will help cut through the fog to give you a clear direction.

Sessions will be tailored to your personal needs and goals and may include:

  • One-on-one Discussions and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Portfolio Critique and Development
  • Strategic Thinking and Goal Setting
  • Project Management
  • Authentic Networking and Self-Promotion
  • Job Search and Interview Prep   

If you'd like to know more of Natalie's style of advice, read her essay "Quitting a Day Job" on Design*Sponge where she talks candidly about her own creative path.

About Natalie
Natalie is a designer, artist, and educator who has been offering advice since she could speak. She received her BA in Design|Media Arts from UCLA and her MFA in 2-D Design from Cranbrook. Today, she runs a successful leather goods business (Canoe), works as design director for Salt & Time, and teaches leather workshops. She has over 14 years experience as a graphic designer, working with clients from Chronicle Books to the Natural History Museum of LA. Her design experience runs the gamut from branding, packaging, product design to interiors and environmental design.  

Natalie has this unique capability of finding the strengths in others, and not only encouraging those strengths, but really leading you to build on them to succeed. Whether she has been in the role of my art director, or simply my life coach, I always know I can look to Natalie to guide me in the direction that is best for me.
— Chantel Stull
1.5-Hour Consulting Session

Jumpstart your career with an in depth 1.5-hour consultation with Natalie. We'll review your resumé, discuss goals, and put together an immediate plan of attack. This session is perfect for those who have clear goals and are looking for a formal plan to achieve them. You will receive a questionnaire and be asked to submit your resumé before our session. Meetings (either in person or via skype) will take place in the evenings or weekends, depending on your schedule. 

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Natalie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had with an incredible passion for helping others to better themselves. She takes a deep personal interest in seeing others succeed and really pushes them by expecting the best. Her wisdom, intellect, experience, and insight create a mentor that anybody can really learn from!
— Sean Simmons
I was so lucky to have had Natalie as a mentor my last year in school. Because of her amazing background, she was able to give me great insight on projects that I am still proud to have in my portfolio today. She gave me more confidence in my design skills and I felt I could conquer the world after just one meeting.
— Grethe Ullrich
Having Natalie as a professor has been immensely valuable both during school and after graduation. Genuine and caring, educated and experienced, her critiques and advice over the years have helped me find a place in a field that I love.
— Maribeth Wilcox
Natalie’s guidance and feedback has been one of the most valuable resources for me to date. Whether it’s about my career path or a specific piece of work, I can always count on her to give me honest, informed, and caring advice.
— Cameron Miller
5-Session Consulting Package

Our initial session will be 1.5-hour, followed by four 1-hour sessions. We'll assess your current skills and areas for improvement, overhaul your resumé and/or portfolio, and create a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. There will be extensive homework with each session. You will receive a questionnaire and be asked to submit your resumé before our first session. Meetings (either in person or via skype) will take place in the evenings or weekends, depending on your schedule.  We recommend our 5-session package for creative thinkers unsure of how to move forward with their artistic work or looking to transition into new areas.

I was really struggling to manage the growth of my small business, and wasn't able to find an expert that understood the creative world.  I signed up for the 5-session package with Natalie and couldn't be anymore thrilled with the results.  She helped me get organized and provided me with real solutions.  After each session, I felt more and more confident in my ideas and the direction my business was headed.  It's been a few months now, and I still refer to the advice she has given me. I see a huge difference in how I approach situations, and I am proud of what my business has become. I highly recommend Natalie's services for anyone looking to take their business to the next level!
— Amberly Washington
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