Catching up & laughing at myself

Oh hi, it's almost March. To say things have been busy would be an understatement. The butcher shop opened up a few weeks ago (photos to come) and we are officially moved into our new Canoe studio space. I'm already working on a big new project that will be debuting in a few weeks, but until then it's under wraps. I am having to practice serious patience in 2013, so a few weeks won't kill you. A good friend passed along this video by Matthew Frost called Fashion Film, which has me grinning ear-to-ear. Yes, I have thought about putting together a similar dead serious short film for Canoe at times that would touch upon many of these tropes. I love being able to laugh at myself and the ridiculous clichés we catch ourselves falling into. Also, Lizzy Caplan is pretty brillant, no?

FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.


Working Title

Jay Nelson from KQED "Working Title" Working Title is a new show on KQED hosted by Kelly Lynn Jones of Little Paper Planes and Andrew Martin Scott of Neddles & Pens. They interview and visit with Bay Area artists and entrepreneurs, folks that are creating and making their lives in unique and different ways. The conversation isn't just about what inspires them, but also how they define success and make a way for themselves. In the first episode they interview Jay Nelson, an artist and builder I've featured here before. I am thrilled to see more episodes and really glad that Kelly and Andrew are hosting this show; both of them have been committed to the Bay Area arts scene for a long time and have a great perspective on what it means to be a working artist. Check out their first episode below.

Folk Fibers + Made Here

I'm really excited to share this wonderful video of Folk Fibers, shot for her Levis' Made Here collaboration. Maura Grace Ambrose is a talented fiber artist and grower who's crafting beautiful quilts and soft goods. She grows her own natural dyes in East Austin and hand dyes much of her fabric. Here's a look at some of her custom quilts.

Folks Fibers quilt

Folks Fibers quilt

Camp Make Effect

popup_toolsby Michelle Bowers

Camp Make Effect is a three day creative workshop on the shores of Lake Michigan that takes place every June. Organized by a team of designers, artists, and amazing dancers. Make Effect seeks to take folks out of their ordinary lives and inject fun and happy accidents into the creative process, getting messy with screen printing, cyanotypes, relief printing, star gazing, and swimming, among other forms of inspiration. I wish I could have been there last week and can't wait to see the photos of what they created together.

by Elizabeth Gilmore

Here's a great write up by Elizabeth Gilmore on Make Effect via Design Bureau. To sign up and learn more, check out Make Effect. Hope to be there next year!

neil_working by Michelle Bowers

Imagine and Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer Jonah Lehrer is a writer/thinker who eloquently explains the importance of neurology and how science works. I first learned about Jonah from RadioLab, one of my all-time favorite radio programs, and immediately picked up his book, Proust Was a Neuroscientist. He has a new book out called Imagine: How Creativity Works and it's at the top of my list for summer reads.

Be sure to check out this great interview by Charlie Rose where Jonah talks about some key aspects of his book. P.S. He has dreamy glasses.


Alabama Chanin

Handmade Portraits: Alabama Chanin from Etsy on Vimeo.

Natalie Chanin has been a huge influence on me as a designer. I first discovered her work in the pages of Vogue years ago and fell in love with her mission to manufacture the Alabama Chanin line right in her hometown of Florence, Alabama. The aesthetic of Alabama Chanin holds a very distinct place in my mind, maybe because I found her work when I had first moved to Texas after growing up in New York. The style is so southern and helped explain a very new and confusing world to me. It's not a brand that I ever saw myself wearing, but the core values of Alabama Chanin clicked for me, helping plant the seeds for my own future endeavors.