Anouck Lepère

photo by Estelle Hanania I've fallen in love with Anouck Lepère's Antwerp apartment, photographed by Estelle Hanania for Nowness. It's simple yet thoughtful and doesn't feel like a stylist spent hours arranging it all.

photo by Estelle Hanania

I have a hard time looking through interior magazines/blogs nowadays where everything always seems just right. Steven Kurutz's article "How to Tell When You’re Over-Propped," is a great dissection of this trend. When Ben and I moved from Oakland to Austin, we purged a lot of "props" out of our home. Having finally unpacked the last box (3 years and 1 home renovation later), I can safely say that our prop count is pretty low. My tolerance for clutter is pretty low.

photo by Estelle Hanania

photo by Estelle Hanania

all photography by Estelle Hanania via Nowness

Jay Nelson & Rachel Kaye

A couple of weeks ago I found a wonderful home tour via Refinery 29 of artists Jay Nelson & Rachel Kaye, photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux. They live in the outer Sunset of San Francisco, an underrated neighborhood a bit off the beaten path and close to the beach.

I love how light and airy their home is, but also that it's filled with their art and feels like a real home, not an über staged space like most home tours. After checking out their work, I found that they had also done a residency at JB Blunk, a really special place that I'll save for another day.

This shoe collection looks so much like my own closet I had to post.