Randall Poster

randall poster by Lyle Owerko photo by Lyle Owerke

Randall Poster is a music supervisor for films that have shaped me as a person. Best known for his work with Wes Anderson, he's also been behind films like Kids, Boys Don't Cry, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I'm Not There, and TV shows Lost and Boardwalk Empire.

Recently I discovered some great interviews with Randall where he discusses his work and the collaborative process. Check out a recent interview with Terri Gross on Fresh Air below

You can read an interview on Pitchfork with Randall Poster here.

Anouck Lepère

photo by Estelle Hanania I've fallen in love with Anouck Lepère's Antwerp apartment, photographed by Estelle Hanania for Nowness. It's simple yet thoughtful and doesn't feel like a stylist spent hours arranging it all.

photo by Estelle Hanania

I have a hard time looking through interior magazines/blogs nowadays where everything always seems just right. Steven Kurutz's article "How to Tell When You’re Over-Propped," is a great dissection of this trend. When Ben and I moved from Oakland to Austin, we purged a lot of "props" out of our home. Having finally unpacked the last box (3 years and 1 home renovation later), I can safely say that our prop count is pretty low. My tolerance for clutter is pretty low.

photo by Estelle Hanania

photo by Estelle Hanania

all photography by Estelle Hanania via Nowness

Christmas Daze

As December comes to a close, I'm thinking back on the daze that was our Christmas here at Tool & Tack. Christmas Day dinner involved a blow torch for the finishing touch on Salt & Time Porchetta. All 30 guests were mesmerized watching the spectacle of a man and his blow torch.

Come December 26th, half our family was wiped out with a severe head cold. We spent the next 3 days in bed watching bad movies with this guy for company,

My favorite gift was a beautiful short robe by Smuk, with a one-of-a-kind block print. Picked up at Spartan by my brilliant husband, who did not miss my subtle hints of, "Oh look, you should get me this for Christmas. This is exactly what I want for Christmas. You should get me this. This, right here. I am holding it in my hands, see?"

Christmas also saw the renovation of our front entrance, which I capped off with a handmade wreath. Making wreaths turned out to be very therapeutic and I need to think about other local sources for clippings. I am curious to see how long this guy lasts.

My dreams of a giant steel planter were realized, and I filled it with soft Mexican feather grass. This guy is pretty tall, hitting me waist high. I'm looking forward to seeing how the grass grows in, as it's supposed to spread about 1' across and up. I am tempted to fill my entire house with Mexican feather grass, as it has the softest touch on your fingers. My allergies might disagree with that plan, though. How was your holiday?

Tool & Tack Pop Up on 12/19

If you're in the Austin area, join us this Monday, December 19th from 6-9pm for our very last Pop Up Shop of 2011 at Spartan and Bows + Arrows! We'll be bringing our Holiday Gift Box, along with Salt & Time salumi to enjoy. There will be holiday cocktails by Bellocq Teas and festive wreaths and flower garlands by Loretta Flower, along with all the wonderful goodies at Spartan and Bows + Arrows to shop. Great chance to get all those last minute gifts while sipping drinks and snacking on cured meats. What more could you ask for?

215 South Lamar, Suite D, Austin, TX Monday, December 19th from 6-9pm RSVP here