Forage preview

5962228653_03bb3971b0_bWe're still working on our special FORAGE bow ties just for the Tool & Tack pop up shop. They're not quite done, but we can share swatches of the vintage dead-stock fabric. The collection is hand made in our Philadelphia studio in limited numbers with less than ten of each pattern. Once they're gone - they're gone! 5625656103_37189a33aa_b


Since fall is nearly here, we selected our favorite spicy and rustic patterns from our vintage collection. We love making bow ties from cotton woven fabric because it keeps the bow ties feeling casual. We're big fans of the everyday bow tie, no need to wait for special occasions.

xoxo, Shauna & Stephen

Forage inspiration

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We're collectors of many things and are always searching for inspiration. When designing our bow ties, we research vintage photos and cabinet cards to find examples of shapes and silhouettes. We're always going back to the photos we've collected for more inspiration. Our recent cricket style features a larger knot and allows you to tie the bow as wide or narrow as you like. Finding your own bow personality takes a bit of time, but that's half the fun.

xoxo, Shauna & Stephen