FELIZ Workshops

As I get ready to hit the road to teach my leather tooling workshop in Marfa, I'm getting excited about all the workshops we will have at Feliz on November 3rd! Spots have been filling up quickly, but you can still snag your seat in several amazing classes, like Shanna Murray's shadowbox class (photo above) or Christine Fail's Riveted jewelry class (photo below). Not to be biased, but getting to hang out with these amazing women and learn from them is a unique opportunity that doesn't come around very often; I wish it did. As a designer, perpetual student, and educator myself, I have witnessed time and time again the power of a class to change people's lives. It's such a good experience and I'm really grateful to all our Feliz teachers for sharing their time, inspiration, and skills with us in November.


It has been a whirl-wind few days for fail+CANOE, finalizing samples, adjusting sizing, and generally preparing for this weekend.  We are thrilled to announce that all of the pieces from both the Outlaw and Tierra Collections are now available to view online! You can see the collections in their entirety through fail or CANOE.  Please let us know what you think!