Setting Goals and Patience

This week I am heading to New York to show at NY Now with American Design Club (booth #4270 in Accent on Design). Showing at NY Now has been a goal of mine for seven years, and the time is finally right for me to be there and be ready for it. For those not in the product design business, I describe this show as the Superbowl for wholesale.

I've talked with countless friends and mentors about this step over the years, and I am amazed at how calm I feel mere days from leaving. I've had to be patient and disciplined, knowing that the right time will come for me. The patient part isn't easy, but it's one of the most important values I am cultivating with Canoe. For me, it's about slow and steady growth, not a quick race. Leather work has taught me so much about moving slowly through the process and enjoying each step, being present and aware. I've been training new apprentices this month and the sentiment I keep repeating to them is, "Leather work is a long process. Be patient with it and yourself."