Channeling Marin county

There are some stores that can transport you back to a specific time and place so perfectly, it takes your breath away. Today I stumbled upon the shop Beautiful Dreamers, located on 326 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn. This shop hurls me straight to Marin County, specifically Inverness, to a wonderful 70's back-to-the-land California homestead. I have come to appreciate this particular moment in time as I've grown older, especially after spending some college years in Santa Barbara and warming up to the bohemian lifestyle a bit. I can talk compost, kombucha, and sourdough mothers with the best of 'em.

These photos and the tip come via Jesse Kamm, an über talented designer and good person who I met the first year we moved to Austin. Beautiful Dreamers carries Jesse's clothing line, along with leather goods, housewares, and art.