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Toast Fall & Winter 2011 Catalog, photography by Boo George

Welcome back to Tool & Tack! Now that our wonderful pop up event is over, I decided to use this small corner of the internet to post about the things I adore. That's what started Tool & Tack, and how I see this moving forward in the future. We will feature artists that inspire, architecture that takes your breath away, and objects that are both utilitarian and striking. And from time to time, we'll host events and talk about new projects and collaborations with Canoe.

There are so many sites that offer a visual overload of beauty (that's the point of tumblr, right?), but I'm hoping to offer more of the why, and give credit where credit is due. We've all fallen victim to re-blogging an image that has no source listed, but as a designer and art director, the practice drives me crazy. I promise my best to track down any image you see here, and give you more than just eye candy to engage with.

These wonderful photos by Boo George are part of the Toast Fall & Winter 2011 catalog. Between the styling and patterns, these images evoke a gentleman farmer in the early 20th century, one of my favorite looks. I often find myself flipping back to WPA photo collections for inspiration. The last photo provides an interesting contrast in age groups for Toast clothes. A sweater you would buy in your 20s might last you into your 60s--a novel concept today, and one I wholeheartedly endorse.