Louesa Roebuck

Louesa Robuck Louesa Robuck is a forager and designer who I'd like to invite over for dinner. I've only met Louesa once and I will never forget it. I was selling my Miss Natalie line at a craft show in San Francisco and it was the last few hours of a long weekend. Just as my spirits were starting to crash down, I caught a glimpse of a lush fur vest, cut roughly and hanging  just so off a beautiful woman. Immediately I straightened up my posture and a slight smile crept across my face. She introduced herself as the owner of one of my favorite shops, August, and I may have held my breath the entire time she stood in front of me. She selected several of my pieces for the store and was gone in a flash, clearly a lady on the move. I remember her quick eye darting across my table, editing it down to find a vision that would fit within her store, and her kind smile. It was a brief encounter, but the highlight of that show.

Nowadays, Louesa is bringing her sharp eye to floral design, creating arrangements for some of the best restaurants in the Bay Area, along with private clients. She forages her flowers in Oakland and around the Bay Area. Below is a short video of Louesa arranging magnolia branches, shot for Remodelista.