Pop up poster

6164354049_5931e902a4_o When we're not sewing bow ties, we can be found printing in our print shop. Just over a year ago, when we made our first FORAGE bow tie, we knew we wanted to print all of our own packaging. Inspired by turn of the century advertisements, we hand set all the type for our business cards, boxes and tags.


For special collections, we like to print posters on our triumph proofing press. Using old wood and lead type, the final design is hand inked to print each and every poster. It's a long process taking two full days from start to finish. We're pretty excited about this new print featuring some of our favorite typefaces.




Want one? We're happy to share... order any FORAGE bow tie between now and October 15th and it will come wrapped in a hand printed Tool & Tack letterpress poster!

xoxo, Shauna & Stephen