We're a little late, but welcome to 2014. It has started with our head buried in work, and looks like we'll continue on that trend. This year, however, we're breaking old habits and forming new ones, like actually going outside more (!!) instead of staying in the studio. I joined the YMCA at the end of last year, and happy to report I've actually been since we joined (major accomplishment). Do me a favor and ask me in March when was my last visit, ok? According to Leo, if you say you are something outloud, it can help change your mindset to becoming that. I am someone that goes to the Y, and not just for the steam room.

At the start of the year, I always like to plan out trips to look forward to. Right now I am looking at where I will travel this summer to teach leather tooling workshops. Last summer had me on the West Coast, and I'm wondering where to go next. Where do you think I should go?