Slowing down

Marfa Doorway by Natalie Davis Summer has officially begun. After so many months of go-go-go, I am slowing down to think and make, read and listen. I've been looking forward to this exact moment for months, but it's perplexing. I'm having to relearn what it means to go slow, to stop multi-tasking, and to focus. Truth be told, it's feels weird to have time on my hands. Part of me feels guilty, watching others close to me run at max speed while I am slowing down. But, I know that it will take some time to adjust and create a new rhythm for these next few months. I have big plans in store, including workshops and trips to visit inspiring places and people. In between the travel, I'll be incubating in the studio. Sketching, making, sewing, tooling, laughing, thinking, and who knows, maybe getting in a swim or two at Barton Springs.

How do you all slow down?